when you look at me, what do you see?

a broken soul slowly piecing itself together

a puzzle missing a piece

a person who was, but no longer is?

when you look at the stars

do you realize they died years ago

light the lingering piece of existence

that too becoming dim?

when you look at me, do you see me?

do you see me fading?

do you see me joining the stars?


(is this life) 







oiled floors

it slipped through slots in the cage

black oozing down

puddling on my feet

a throbbing mass of oil

staining stark sneakers

i feel the spot it left

ribs protect emptiness


(is this heartbreak) 




you pull on heart strands

thinking i dont feel pangs

assuming they snap back smoothly

a rubber band suspended by tension

hearts dont work with spaghetti strings


you wonder why i dont feel joy

why my smile lacks heat of a

thousand candles

stars vacant from my eyes

blackholes enveloping any warmth

i stare back at you


do you need to ask

you already know

you are slowly poisoning me

from the inside out