a confession:

what scares me is not
that i may never love again. 
but that i may love too deeply 
someone who does not 
return my affection.

for wearing a heart on your sleeve does not make you a coward. rather, it signifies our soul felt desire to be wanted. my biggest fear is i will instill this trust in place it will never grow. or where it struggles to bloom under the chill of an unreciprocated sun.



moonlight illuminates

breaks in my armor 

while starlight seeps

between the gaps. 

and i wonder, 

am i radiating warmth 

or curtailing at the cracks? 


there is beauty in breaking. for everything broken was once whole, and can be again. but sometimes you dont know if youre coming together or breaking at the seams. 


it’s crisp outside.

the leaves fall with the temperature.

my emotions mimic weather.

blankets, pillows, layers, fears, tears.

they stack with the changing seasons.

this is the fall.


tell me,

what is it like to lose

the one person you care the most about,

the person who knows your soul,

the deepest, darkest corners of your being?

how do you go on living?

a vacancy sign switches on

in your heart

neon, florescent bulbs emitting a glow

lighting up a jagged scar

that wasn’t there before.


to live is to grow

but we grow together or apart.

cobwebbed spaces

wandering, stumbling and fumbling

over cobwebbed boxes

where forlorn letters

crumble at the touch.

once read,

discarded and trodden,

they lay, forgotten, across the expanse

of darkness.

an eerie space of limbo,

between the was and is and will be.

this is not a house.

this is not a home.

a stranger lives here.

someone caught between today

and tomorrow,

the night and the day.

ghosts reside here,

the howls on the wind

whistling through leafless trees.

you exist here.

an inescapable dimension of your mind.

and you know,

this is where you belong.